Kurt Conrad

With more than 20 years of internal, contract, and independent-consulting experience, I've established, led, and contributed to high-performance teams that have — among other things — started up nuclear reactors, resolved conflicts over multi-million dollar contracts, and organized an international cultural exchange mission for middle-school musicians.

I can use a light touch to drive action without creating resistance to change. More often than not, I've driven needed changes without any direct authority, coaching and mentoring the people responsible for the efforts.

Much of my work involves dealing with the seamy underbelly of dysfunctionality that develops where business process and technology collide, complete with conceptual instabilities, semantic breakdowns, and other wicked problems.

This site, sagebrushgroup.com, is my vehicle for sharing some of my learnings and how I apply them to solve real-world problems.

The Sagebrush Group comprises a network of highly-skilled and experienced associates that share common vocabularies to leverage their unique perspectives and produce high-performance solutions.


This website is published using a mixture of XML, XHTML, XSLT, Ant, AWK, and make code.

The sagebrush photograph is courtesy of Dr. Matt Lavin, Montana State University.