Systems architecture and engineering

The Sagebrush Group develops custom XML document publishing solutions for such companies as Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, and Pearson Education. It has delivered technical training to a much larger audience of organizations and individuals.

Our solutions are based on a unique set of methodologies that concern themselves with knowledge system architectures, the alignment of metadata specifications with organizational performance targets, and alternative approaches for formalizing business semantics and ontologies.

The Sagebrush Group has also developed a version of HTML that is designed to bring the power of XML publishing to small and medium businesses. HTML for Semantic Authoring (.hsa) enables individuals to build personal productivity tools and work groups to streamline multi-agent knowledge flows.

What if you’re not a publisher?

In some organizations, the political dynamics associated with implementing and upgrading enterprise publishing systems are more challenging than the technical considerations. This is especially likely when the solutions need to integrate, align with, and enable intelligent behavior across a range of individuals, organizations, and automated systems.

Accordingly, The Sagebrush Group provides a variety of organizational development services that clients have used to improve the performance of both technical and non-technical initiatives:

  • Stakeholder-focused strategic planning and governance facilitation that improves the quality of shared decision making.

  • Knowledge flow analysis and modeling services that:

    • Identify and describe specific, actionable performance issues.

    • Isolate communication breakdowns.

    • Uncover critical explicit and implicit knowledge gaps.

    • Ensure the completeness of policy, project, and program architectures.

  • Analytical methods that facilitate the structuring of complex decisions and enable the quantification and evaluation of alternative solutions.